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Sikoala provides China Mattress to a worldwide customer base.

Sikoala is a China Mattress Manufacturer. The production base in China is mainly producing polyurethane foam with high-standard automated production lines. The products were shipped to Amazon, Carrefour, Hanke, Metro and some brands in European and American through OEM/ODM service. More than 120,000 cubic meters foam related products such as OEM mattress & ODM mattresses & wholesale mattress are produced every year. Sikoala has total control on every piece of mattress with full upstream and downstream chains, so we can ensure high quality outputs.

foam mattress sample - Sikoala


Sikoala provides wide ranges of China mattress, including Memory Foam Mattress, Pocket Spring Mattress, Hotel Mattress, Hybrid Mattress, Custom Mattress, etc.

Mattress Topper - Sikoala

Mattress Topper

Sikoala provides wide ranges of factory direct toppers. You can get breathable, durable, custom design, full size , flippable, hypo-allergenic, roll up toppers for any market demands.

foams for mattress

Foams for Mattresses

Sikoala is a manufacturer of foams for mattresses. The company provides specialized solutions for mattresses and pillows.

Memory Pillows for Mattress - Sikoala

Foam Pillows for Mattress

Sikoala offers high-end ergonomic sleeping memory foam pillows for your household with supreme comfort.


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