Mattress Manufacturing

Sikoala has two plants located in Xiamen, China. One site is 10,000M², which was insufficient for our capacity needs. To address this, we have completed the construction of our second site, a 35,000M² facility, in early 2024. We are a frontrunner in this field and proud of being a helper for this industry, thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and our experienced foam-making craft.

Foam Forming

Foam forming is the process of creating a mattress from foam. Foam forming is an important process in the production of mattresses and other foam products. It involves using heat and pressure to shape foam into the desired shape and density. We use the latest automatic semi-high pressure foaming production and equipment and they come with great advantages.

The key advantages of foam forming is that it allows for precisely control over the density and firmness of the foam. This is especially important in the production of mattresses, as different people have different preferences for firmness. By using foam forming, we can create mattresses that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences.

Foam Cutting

Foam cutting is the process of using specialized machinery to shape blocks of foam into the desired shapes and sizes. This is typically done using a computer numerical control (CNC) cutter, which is a machine that can be programmed to cut foam with a high level of precision and accuracy.

To produce a foam mattress, the foam is first molded into large blocks. These blocks are then placed into the CNC cutter, which uses a blade to cut the foam into the desired shape. The blade can be adjusted to different widths and angles to create different types of cuts, such as straight cuts, contoured cuts, or intricate patterns.

The CNC cutter can be programmed to cut the foam to precise dimensions, ensuring that the finished product meets the desired specifications. The cutter can also be set to cut the foam at different depths, allowing for the creation of different thicknesses and densities of foam.

At Sikoala, the Mattress Foam Cutting is applied by a computer numerical control (CNC) cutter. It is a precise tool that can create specialized cuts with ease and efficiency. The advantages are high cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, and labor-cost saving. When it comes to finding the right product for your needs, Sikoala helps to have custom cutting options to meet your exact needs. You can find the right outcome for your mattress project without any worry.

Downsize Rolled Foams to Reduce Freight 

The foam is cut into rolls and packed in larger rolls, and then these rolled foams are compressed and packed into smaller sizes. This makes it convenient for long-distance transportation and helps reduce freight costs.

Foam for mattress

Compress Mattress

Compressing a mattress can make it easier to transport and can also reduce shipping costs.

Compressing a mattress for delivery involves using a machine to compress the mattress into a smaller size and shape that is more easily transported. A compression machine is used to compress the mattress. The machine applies pressure to the mattress from all sides, reducing its size and shape. The compressed mattress is then placed in a bag or packaging material for shipping. The compressed mattress is then shipped to its destination, where it can be unpacked and allowed to expand back to its original size.

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