Mattress Manufacturer Production

Sikoala has two plants located in Xiamen China. One site is 10,000M² which is not enough for capacities, and we are speeding up for the other one at 35,000M² and planned to be done in 2022. We are a front runner in this field and proud of being a HELPER for this industry as we own state-of-the-art facilities as well as our experienced foam making craft.

Foam Forming

We use the latest automatic semi-high pressure foaming production and equipment and they come with great advantages.

Foam Cutting

At Sikoala, the Mattress Foam Cutting is applied by a computer numerical control (CNC) cutter. It is a precise tool that can create specialized cuts with ease and efficiency. The advantages are high cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, and labor-cost saving. When it comes to finding the right product for your needs, Sikoala helps to have custom cutting options to meet your exact needs. You can find the right outcome for your mattress project without any worry.

Support Coil Layering

Mattress coils, or mattress springs, are integral to the mattress’ bed support, which are made by automatic pocket spring production lines. They can be used to make a mattress with multiple partitions or surrounding reinforcement. At Sikoala, high efficiency can lead to higher outputs, one mattress bed support coil layering in 2 minutes, and 200 bed supports in 8 hours.

Roll-Up Mattress

In some countries, the Roll-Up Mattress is popular. At Sikoala, we use an automatic machine to pack the mattress if needed.