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Sikoala is a foam specialist and manufacturer for Mattresses. If you are looking for better sleep mattress or something more comfortable. Foam is definitely the key comfort ingredient used on all mattresses. Not all the foam is the same. Sikoala makes the foam in house with different grades density upon customers’ firmness needs and they all are approved Certi-UR US Certificate.We have had more than 15 years’ experiences in OEM/ODM/OBM mattress manufacturing. We can provide a variety of foam that you want and fabricated to the specification that meets your requirements. At Sikoala, you could get an one stop solution for all your foam mattresses needs.

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Sikoala Mattress


Sikoala provides a wide range of mattresses, including Memory Foam Mattresses, Pocket Spring Mattresses, Hotel Mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses, Custom Mattress, etc.

Mattress Topper

Mattress Topper

Sikoala provides wide ranges of toppers. You can get a custom design, full-size, roll-up toppers for any market demands.

foams for mattress

Foams for Mattresses

Sikoala is a manufacturer of foams for mattresses. The company provides specialized solutions for mattresses and pillows.

Memory Pillows for Mattress - Sikoala

Pillows for Mattresses

Sikoala offers high-end ergonomic sleeping foam pillows for your household with supreme comfort.

Foam Mattress Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge foam technology with sophisticated skills leads us to maximize our capacity and offer a supreme quality for our customers. All our products meet international standards.

Mattress 101 – Blog

What changes in our processes? What news is there on the subject of foam mattresses and pocket coil mattresses? Or on the subject of the mattress production line? Which way do the company and the group decide to go? Much of what you want to know is here! Welcome to the Sikoala Blog.

Foam Mattress Materials : Support Layers & Fabric Covers

We feature many unique designs & functionalities for our hybrid mattresses, all-foam and pocket coil mattresses. Sikoala lets you feel so comfortable as a koala to embrace your world while you need well-rested. We care about every detail of mattresses and toppers, especially care the quality of materials for each product. Our mattress is available in three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. You can choose from all options for the comfort layer composition or cover. Or you can also request a sample for further testing.

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