Mattress Sample Offer
from Sikoala

Finding the right mattress will depend on a few key factors. They include the formula for your budget and also your market preference. For a good night’s sleep, Sikoala has a wide range of mattresses. Whether you prefer a firm or soft mattress, foam or hybrid, Sikoala can offer quality mattresses to meet all your demands.

mattress sample offer

1. Send us specification requirements.

Sikoala Mattress Sample size is around 45cm * 65 cm. If you need a sample in other sizes, please send us more information.

2. The leadtime of the mattress sample.

Normally, it will take around 7 days for one sample. If you have any urgent demand or specific requirements, please let us know.

3. Freight cost by the buyer.

You can have any of courier to pick up the sample from Sikoala. Or our shipping dept can help arrange a door-to-door shipment for you.

4. Review sample.

Need your feedback and comments after receipt of our sample. The leadtime for regular production is around 30 days. Any earlier confirmation will help get a better arrangement.