Mattress Collection

Sikoala’s production base in China, mainly produce polyurethane foam with high-standard automated production lines. The products are shipped to Amazon, Carrefour, Hanke, Metro and some brands in Europe and America through OEM/ODM service. More than 120,000 cubic meters foam related products are produced every yearly. Sikoala has totally control on every piece of mattress with full upstream and downstream chains, so we can ensure high quality output.


Hybrid Mattress

Sikoala manufacturers wide range of Hybrid Mattresses. It offers the sensation of an innerspring mattress and also a cushier top that people can sink into. This kind of mattress combines layers of foams with at least one layer of spring coils. Whatever you like frim, medium firm, soft or best cooling, all custom preference hybrid mattresses can be made at Sikoala.


Memory Foam Mattress

Sikoala manufacturers wide range of Memory Foam Mattresses. The memory foam is appreciated for its comforting features. It is with ergonomic design, sensitive to body temperature and counter pressure to provide extra support. The density and layer thickness makes the memory foam mattresses feel different. Whatever you like frim, medium firm, soft or best cooling, all custom preference Memory Foam Mattress can be made at Sikoala.


Pocket Spring Mattress

Sikola is the manufacturer of Pocket Spring Mattresses. Our Pocket Spring Mattresses are great for people who like supportive mattresses with a more firm feeling to them. The springs have a lot of positive response, and feel like they hold you up more than many other mattress types. Pocket Spring Mattresses also have great motion separation. The individual pockets in the mattress allow for each spring to move and respond to pressure on its own, rather than shaking the whole bed.


Hotel Mattress

Sikoala manufactures five-star Hotel Quality Mattress. We offers the most extensive bedding portfolio for the hospitality market. Sikoala has achieved the highest reputation in developing top end and high quality bedding solutions with super preme technologies :  from pocketed springs to foam with a wide range of finishing. Whatever you need flip, no flip, padded zip pillow top, fixed or removable decoration, Sikoala can match perfectly the hotel requirements.


Custom Mattress

Sikoala is specialized in making custom-sized mattresses. Whatever its exact width, length and height, or rounded corner, cut corner, notched corner and even a hinge down the middle, you can have an ODM/OEM custom-project at Sikoala.

Create the perfect sleep experience !