Foam Types and Grades for Mattress

Sikoala is a foam manufacturer. We have a variety of foam grades suitable for many different applications. Whether you are looking for memory foam, high-density foam, or any other types of foam for mattresses or other bedding and furniture, we have total solutions for you! Below you will find most of the foam types we currently offer for our mattresses customers all over the world. 

skin-friendly foam

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane was the first widely used synthetic mattress foam and still. It is very common for general-purpose mattresses needed for hotels, motels, inns, and guesthouses. Polyurethane is fundamentally a good general-purpose mattress foam.

High Density Foam

High Density Foam

High-density foams are materials with a high weight per cubic foot and therefore have a strong cell structure, which makes the material highly durable. This does not have an effect on how soft or firm the mattress is. Density only indicates quality and durability, not your comfort level.

memory foam

Memory Foam

Memory foam can deform according to the change of body temperature. When the slow rebound sea surface is pressed, it will not produce rebound force until all the pressure is evenly distributed. When the external force extrusion stops, it will slowly return to its original shape.

rebound memory foam

Open Cell Memory Foam

Open Cell Foam is cushiony-soft, and this is because the cell walls are broken, allowing air to fill the spaces in the material. It not only allows your mattress to reduce off-gassing but also helps you stay cool.

Gel Memory Foam

Gel Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is a combination of traditional memory foam and gel, which can be in a layer of the mattress or combined with the memory foam throughout the mattress mold. Another cooler option for your mattresses.

Rebound Memory Foam

Rebound Memory Foam

Slow Rebound Memory Foam can reduce the pressure on the head and body, that is to absorb the pressure of the human body. When the human body contacts the material, the material will sense the temperature of the human body and gradually become soft.

PU Foam Mattresses

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Sikoala has more than 15 years of experience in making PU Foam Mattress, so we know how to do this job well. Our products are durable and comfortable at the same time !

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Foam grades and types for mattress

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Sikoala Foam Mattresses

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Sikoala Foam Mattresses offer the even contouring, pressure relief, and excellent motion isolation of many competing memory foam mattresses, but its firmer feel provides more support for people who weigh more and cooling components help offset the foam’s heat-trapping tendencies.