Foam Pillows

As a memory foam pillow manufacturer, Sikoala offers a variety of different sizes and styles of memory foam pillows. We know the foam features and we know our customers’ actual demands. Whether you’re looking for the economical or the luxurious choice, our memory foam pillows are unbeatably affordable. We sell hypoallergenic, washable, and flame-resistant pillows. You can find the dimensions of any size of memory foam pillows from Sikoala. Our customers are from wide industries including brand name owners, designers, hospitals, and hotels.

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Private Label Memory Foam Pillow

Sikoala is a manufacturer of private label memory foam pillows. We provide all kinds of memory foam pillows. Our company has more than 15 years experience in producing and supplying memory foam pillows. Our memory foam pillow is made with high-quality 100% memory foam that molds to your body and provides maximum comfort. It can be used by people who need neck support or just want a comfortable sleep experience.

memory foam pillow for mattress - Sikoala

Luxury Memory Foam Pillow

Sikoala is a manufacturer of Luxury Memory Foam Pillow. Luxury memory foam pillows are made with high-quality materials that offer long-lasting support and comfort. Sleepers can often feel the difference, especially when compared to a lower quality pillow that does not retain its shape or offer consistent support.

memory foam pillow for mattress - Sikoala

Soft/Medium/Firm Memory Foam Pillow

Sikoala is a manufacturer of Soft/Medium/Firm Memory Foam Pillows. We provide you with the best quality products at affordable prices. Our pillows are made from high-quality memory foam that is soft, yet firm enough to give you the support you need. Our pillows come in three different firmness levels: soft, medium and firm. The soft pillow is perfect for people who prefer a softer feel while sleeping, while the firm pillow will provide maximum support for those who prefer a firmer feel while sleeping.

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Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Sikoala is a manufacturer of Gel Memory Foam Pillow. The gel memory foam pillow is with gel layer on 1 side for extra coolness. Unlike gel infused technology, the gel layer keeps you cooler for whole night. Gel-infused foam can’t keep you cool on hot summer nights. Real coolness is by gel layer. Sikoala Gel Memory Foam Pillow gives real coolness for longer by drawing heat from you and channeling it away.

memory foam pillow for mattress - Sikoala

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Baboo Memory Foam Pillow is an improved adaptation of the conventional memory foam pillows that not only give you the perfect body support but help you to sleep peacefully. Baboo Memory Foam Pillow has been specially designed to improve the quality of sleep. The moisture wicking and temperature regulation properties assure better body support and thus help in getting rid of neck aches, back aches, headaches, and muscular soreness.

low memory foam pillow - Sikoala

Low Memory Foam Pillow

Sikoala is the manufacturer of low memory foam pillows. The lower memory foam pillow is a very thin bed pillow that pairs high-density firmness with an expert low profile design to help with neck and spine alignment and shoulder support by relieving tension and weariness.

No matter what kind of memory foam pillows, we’ve got what you need.

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Neck Support

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Moisture Wicking

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Anti Allergen

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Body Support

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Bamboo / Aloe Vera Fabric