Sikoala is a multinational Foam Mattress Manufacturer. The headquarters and main global sales operation are located in Taiwan and production base in China. Founded in 2005, Sikoala was started from foam manufacturing and is gradually developed as an OEM Mattress and Foam Home Accessories supplier.

Mattress Plant - Sikoala
Mattress Plant - Sikoala

Our Story & Goal

Si + Koala = Bring People Happiness & Comfort

Sikoala is the compound word of “silk” & “koala”.  “Silk” represents natural, soft, slender and lightweight from the Chinese point of view. “Koala” refers to cozy fur and the sense of touch makes you feel very comfortable.  It is the feeling of lying on clouds that makes people full of happiness and comfort.

Our Brand 

Be Your Mattress Mate !

The best mattress does not always meet everyone’s needs. At Sikoala, we combine comfort and design in individual mattresses for every single need. Sikoala is everyone’s Mattress Mate! Sikoala has more than 15 years of mattress production experience. Every single process of the OEM mattress is taken care of with full attention.

Global Sales Network

Sikoala’s international sales headquarters is located in Taiwan. Having more than 15 years of experience and business with over 60 countries, which leads Sikoala Mattress Mate takes a foothold in Asia and builds sales networks worldwide.

Our Misson

Be Your Mattress Mate!

To improve the health and well-being of people with significant needs by innovating, coordinating, and providing the highest-quality, individualized mattress!

Sikoala’s vision is to be your Mattress Mate. We care about every detail of our products from material selection, the process to quality control. We care about every piece of mattress we make, from tapping, cutting and foaming. All of them are the presentation of the knowledge and technology of the mattress.

Future Plan for OEM Mattress

One-Stop Foam Product Supply

To offer a comprehensive range of foam-related home accessories, Sikoala has continually enhanced and expanded its manufacturing capacity throughout its existence. The group has now increased its production scale with a newly constructed facility covering 38,000 square meters, completed at the end of 2023. Moving forward, the group remains committed to developing mattresses and other related home foam products, with the goal of providing customers worldwide a “One-Stop Foam Product Solution.”

Certificated Mattress Manufacturer

To become ISO 9001:2015 certified, Sikoala endured an evaluation process that included : quality management system development, a management system documentation review, pre-audit, initial assessment, and clearance of non-conformance, all of which work to identify corretive cactions that eliminate non-conformance in the quality management standard.