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The Roll-Up Mattress is getting popular. Having a mattress delivered to your home can be a real struggle, the worry of it not fitting through the door or bedroom door, or worse. The Roll Up mattress can be an easier option. As an expert in manufacturing mattresses at Sikoala, we would like to share you basic guides so you can understand how the Roll-Up Mattress work and how long it takes to recover.

What is Roll-Up Mattress?

The Roll-Up Mattress, also known as Vacuum-Packed Mattress, is specially designed to be rolled in a box. It is having the convenience of being easily transportable. The beds have been packed in a roll-up like structure and appear as if it is a fraction of its size. It can be shipped directly to homes or to retail stores.

What’s the difference between the Roll-Up Mattress and the normal mattress?

The Roll-Up Mattress are often made out of memory foam and some might contain pocket springs. Depending on what materials are used, they can actually be comfortable or deliver different level of firmness and supports.

Understanding How the Roll-Up Mattress Work? 

  • The mattress is placed into a protective bag.
  • It then enters the compression machine.
  • The mattress is compressed and the bag is heat sealed.
  • The sealed mattress is sent into the tumbler for roller.
  • The rolled mattress is ready for delivery.

How to Set Up the Roll-Up Mattress? 3 Simple Steps

  1. Unpack the roll-up mattress
  2. Roll out to full size
  3. Place the mattress on the bed, allow your roll-up mattress to expand slowly. By replacing the sucked-out air, it can gently return to its original size.

How Long Does it Takes for a Rolled Mattress to Recover?

The roll up mattresses will recover 90% within 24 hours and will recover 100% after 7 to 10 days.

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