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If you are going to select a Mattress Manufacturer for an OEM project, an experienced manufacturer can successfully direct the process from concept to finished products with high precision, overall quality and cost-effectiveness. Here are 5 important considerations when choosing OEM mattress and its manufacturer :

Does the Mattress Factory have a strong design ability?

A qualified mattress factory has its own R&D team, which can follow up on the product and specification requirements provided by customers and further develop new products or solutions to ensure that each mattress can bring customers the most comfortable and satisfying experience.

Does the Mattress Factory have in-house manufacturing to control the quality of the whole mattress process ?

In mattress manufacturing, quality control is a process that ensures customers receive mattresses or toppers free from defects and meet their needs. With in-house manufacturing, the mattress factory can complete control over the product output.

Does the factory have testing equipment and a quality control system?

Every material such as foam, spring, pocket coil, fabric and other raw materials needs to be tested to ensure the mattress quality. Having full-range testing equipment helps ensure each mattress with more than 100% quality.

If the mattress manufacturer has a traceability system, they can do high-level tracking and tracing capabilities. And they can exercise more granular control over their production process. This helps the mattress manufacturers make mattresses that are organized, of higher quality and create processes that can be optimized for continuous improvement.

Does the mattress factory have an in-depth understanding of different market demands?

Mattress preference can be different from countries. Generally speaking, different markets have different preferences in hardness, and appearance. Having a mattress manufacturer with abundant experience of mattress projects will definitely shorten the development process and accelerate the product launch.

Does the mattress factory offer full service capacity?

An ideal mattress maker who offers full-service capabilities, from material selection, mattress development and manufacturing to final durability quality test, is vital to your mattress business. Having a trustworthy partner with the necessary all-round knowledge will ensure that your company will get consistent support every step of the way.

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