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Copper Infused Foam Mattress

Copper Infused Foam Mattress

Copper-infused foam is an excellent conductor of heat while also being antiviral and antibacterial. The copper in the mattresses will draw your body heat and whisk it away — helping reduce your body’s temperature for a more comfortable sleep, all night long. With Sikoala Copper Infused Mattress, you can get a product that will help you sleep better and feel healthier.

  • Antiviral and antibacterial

  • Naturally Cool

  • Clean sleep

Called For A Good Nights Sleep? Try A Copper Infused Foam Mattress

Copper is naturally antimicrobial and anti-fungal which makes this a healthier alternative for your health and overall well-being.

10-Year Warranty

Naturally Cool

Natually Cool


Higher Antibacterial